Client-specific Release: TOG

Good morning team, 

We have released all the requests we have from "The One Group" - it's live on the site now. Here's the list: 

The One Group Requests

Digital application:

  • Added "Have you ever been employed by The One Group?"
    • If yes, where - drop-down list with all child properties. 


  • We display/show a warning message on I-9 review page if there is a difference in "Name" fields between onboarding forms and original Application information.
  • Direct Deposit form: 
    • Fields will pre-populate with information from other onboarding documents.
    • Added a checkbox that says "Go Paperless. I agree to accept Online Pay-slips. 
  • Possibility to choose alternative I-9 verification documents (we have released this yesterday).  

My Docs: 

  • Ability to export list of selected employees into a CSV/Excel file with the following info:
    • Name
    • Position
    • Location

P.S. The above enhancements are not specific or restricted to The One Group account - it's available to all clients/customers. 

We have also released the following enhancements to our AMS: 

  • Chang the AMS swim-lane label from "Screen" to "Phone/Screen"
  • one number font within the SpeedyScree i bigge by 20%
  • Formad he phone number to be like 555-555-5555

Please let me know if you need any further information.