ATSi W/ Resume Parsing, Trial Subscriptions, Much more...

We have released the following changes/enhancements/features live today: 

  • ATSi apply with resume parsing
    • Context: Caterer (a leading job board listing site in the UK) requires sign up before sending candidates to Harri job post. They have a service called ATSi Apply that passes candidates basic information (First name, last name, email and resume) to us. We have built that integration a week ago but our customers/employers lost the great looking and detailed info profile since we just pass and store the candidate resume to Harri without any profile creation data such as work history, education, etc...
    • In today's release we have added auto-resume parsing to the resumes we have form Caterer ATSi integration. This should achieve 2 things:
      • Liquidity (same number of people applying on Caterer will be on Harri). 
      • Better profile view and more info since we parse the resume and auto fill profile data.  
    • We have also ran a script to parse old resumes (the one created before today's release - we have excluded the modified profiles). 
  • Added IRS 8850 & Direct Deposit form to PA document set
    • Altamarea group requested to add IRS 8850 and Direct Deposit form to their Pennsylvania document set. 
  • JD post notification email
    • When an employer posts a job to other job boards via our JD we handle those posts either manually or via feeds. This has been live for awhile now. 
    • Today we have added a new feature - notifying admins when their job post is live on the selected job source. 
    • The email will be sent to the admin who performed the posting action. 
  • Support trial subscription
    • Context: Our customers payments and credit cards are managed in our Admin interface via Stripe Management section. Today we have added a great feature that enables our AM team to set trial period and then to auto charge customers. 
    • This can be accessed via our Admin interface/ Stripe Management/ and then setting a trial period - see attached please. 
  • TrasnitCheck enrollment form (will be live tomorrow morning) 
    • This is a custom form requested by Altamarea group. 
    • They have requested 2 versions of this form (English and Spanish). 
    • Both forms will be live and attached to their accounts tomorrow morning

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.