Features & Enhancements

We have pushed the following features and enhancements live:

  • Interview reminders:
    • 24 hours reminder before the confirmed interview time (email and SMS).
    • In the day of the interview at 8:00 am (email and SMS). 
    • Reminder to confirm/decline the interview after 24 hours of receiving the invite from the employer and performing no action from the candidate (email and SMS)
  • Rate of Pay form (notice of pay rate):
    • Salary paid form
    • Multi-rate form for hourly paid employees
    • Those forms are implemented to NY, CA and DC documents set. 
  • W-4 work sheet
    • Work sheet view is added to the W-4 form
  • IRS 8850 new form
    • The gov. published a new IRS 8850 form - we have implemented the new form. 
  • Direct deposit form:
    • Fixed the data flow issues from other forms to the direct deposit form. 
    • Voided check upload is now OPTIONAL. 
  • UK document set:
    • Changed the currency to GBP
    • Added the Health Questionnaire form
    • Add the Starter Checklist form (P46). 
  • AMS swim-lane labelles:
    • Changed "proceed" to "screen".
    • Changed "pass" to "skip". 
  • Homepage and Employer Landing Page messages update
    • Removed NYC and Los Angeles. 

lease let me know if you need any further information.