FIEN Automation, Premium Career Portal, OAF 1 & 2, TS Bug Fixes

We have pushed the following enhancements, features and fixes live today: 

  • AM team - Here you go:
    • Auto-populate FEIN number on State withholding docs
      • Lisa, please update Nando's. 
    • Mobile web funnel
      • We have added the mobile number to the signup process on the mobile web funnel (added and mandatory). This should prevent having candidates without phone number.
    • Hawksmoor Premium Employer Profile modifications:
      • Added a new Twitter account
      • Updated LinkedIn image
      • Fixed a Twitter API symbol. 
  • Marketing and Sales Team:
    • OMIS
      • OMIS acquisition funnels (OAF 1 and 2) are live now.  
    • TTS Landing page (link)
      • We have updated the page URL/link to the new page provided by the marketing team. 
  • Bug fixes and Performance enhancements:
    • Team Scheduling bug fixes and performance enhancements (including the negative value on schedules). 
    • Terms of Service loading issue. 
    • Security enhancements. 

lease let me know if you need any further information.


Payroll Permissions, Access Rights, JD Parent/Child, Improvements

We have pushed the following enhancements/features live today: 

  • New features
    • Payroll permission/access right
      • Altamarea group needs to grant some admins the ability to send employees to payroll while other admins should not be able to do so. 
      • We have added a new access right (just like viewing OB docs) under users management within Settings. 
      • Only primary user/admin can grant this access to admins
      • When a user/admin is added (new admins) will not have this access right (disabled by default).
      • This feature is available to all TTS customers and can be accessed under users management. 
      • AM team: You can now update Altamrea and enable it to their provided admins or educate them about it. 
    • Hawksmoor and Foxlow Premium Employer Profile (PEP)
      • Hawksmoor PEP link
      • Foxlow PEP link
      • Zac: please update Alison. 
    • Job Distributor Parent/child posting
      • This feature was requested by Hawksmoor (Alison). She needs to block JD actions on child properties and enable it only on the parent level. That said, she should be able to post on child properties while JD is disabled on those locations. 
      • We have created this feature (available to all customers) - Parent can post on child properties even JD is not activated on child locations but activated on Parent level. 
      • Zac: We have activated this to Hawksmoor - please update Alison. 
  • Improvements
    • Added DC, Maryland and Virginia states withholding docs to Nando's new locations
    • Added Chicago link under locations on homepage
    • Removed Harri jobs from job social sharing copy for privacy shield customers (requested by Hawksmoor). 
    • OMIS: 
      • We are working on lots enhancements (OAF 1 and 2) that requires adding HTTPS to OMIS URL. So, we have updated the link to access OMIS - please follow up this link starting from today
      • Niveen: please update your team.  
    • Interview reminders:
      • Removed 8 AM SMS reminder in day of interview as requested by the Deepak. 

lease let me know if you need any further information. 

ATSi W/ Resume Parsing, Trial Subscriptions, Much more...

We have released the following changes/enhancements/features live today: 

  • ATSi apply with resume parsing
    • Context: Caterer (a leading job board listing site in the UK) requires sign up before sending candidates to Harri job post. They have a service called ATSi Apply that passes candidates basic information (First name, last name, email and resume) to us. We have built that integration a week ago but our customers/employers lost the great looking and detailed info profile since we just pass and store the candidate resume to Harri without any profile creation data such as work history, education, etc...
    • In today's release we have added auto-resume parsing to the resumes we have form Caterer ATSi integration. This should achieve 2 things:
      • Liquidity (same number of people applying on Caterer will be on Harri). 
      • Better profile view and more info since we parse the resume and auto fill profile data.  
    • We have also ran a script to parse old resumes (the one created before today's release - we have excluded the modified profiles). 
  • Added IRS 8850 & Direct Deposit form to PA document set
    • Altamarea group requested to add IRS 8850 and Direct Deposit form to their Pennsylvania document set. 
  • JD post notification email
    • When an employer posts a job to other job boards via our JD we handle those posts either manually or via feeds. This has been live for awhile now. 
    • Today we have added a new feature - notifying admins when their job post is live on the selected job source. 
    • The email will be sent to the admin who performed the posting action. 
  • Support trial subscription
    • Context: Our customers payments and credit cards are managed in our Admin interface via Stripe Management section. Today we have added a great feature that enables our AM team to set trial period and then to auto charge customers. 
    • This can be accessed via our Admin interface/ Stripe Management/ and then setting a trial period - see attached please. 
  • TrasnitCheck enrollment form (will be live tomorrow morning) 
    • This is a custom form requested by Altamarea group. 
    • They have requested 2 versions of this form (English and Spanish). 
    • Both forms will be live and attached to their accounts tomorrow morning

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information. 

Email Comms, EIN, More...

We have a mega release today and it will make our customers happy. We have pushed live the following changes, enhancements and features: 

  • New Features
    • Email communication platform 
      • This feature will enable admins to set "who gets what/which emails" and at what stage (I.e. the brand admin can set who will receive notification emails when there are new applicants, interview, offer, onboarding and hired) and per category (FOH, BOH, MGM, etc..)
      • You can access this under settings/Communication emails
  • Customers' requests (AM team enjoy!) 
    • Altamarea:
      • Pre-populate FEIN number into Direct Deposit form and Residency Form
    • Nando's Tax forms
      • We have added DC, Maryland and Virginia state withholding froms to their document set. 
    • Hawksmoor
      • Years of experience in Job create is optional now. 

lease, let me know if you need any further information. 

Pennsylvania Doc Set, ATSi Apply

We have pushed the following products/features live today: 

  • Pennsylvania document set
    • This will serve Altarmarea needs and open new market for us. 
    • AM team: you can enable/set this document set to our customers via our Admin interface.
  • ATSi (Caterer) integration
    • This will solve the drop-off rate from Caterer to Harri (Be At One will be happy after this release)
    • As candidates apply on Caterer they will be moved automatically to Harri

Please let me know if you need any further information. 


TTS Dashboard, Direct Deposit Skip, More...

  • TTS dashboard with up-sell modals 
    • You can activate it from our admin interface. 
    • It's off by default to all customers. 
  • Mainly for the AM team:
    • Ability to skip Direct Deposit form
    • Re-ordering forms within our onboarding modal as requested by our customers. 
    • Sending notification email when candidates moved to specific AMS swim-lanes (offer and onboarding)
      • AM team: Please provide us with the email and brand ID to activate it - In this release Admin side is not ready and will handle it manually for you. 
    • Auto-populate the FEIN number in the Pay rate form based on the numbers entered from our Admin interface
      • AM team: Please provide us with the email and brand ID to activate it - In this release Admin side is not ready and will handle it manually for you. 
    • Removed IRS 8850 from our standard onboarding package
    • Ordering job templates alphabetically instead of creation dat

Please let me know if you need any further information. 


Additional Landing Pages, ADP CSV

Hi team we have released the following items today - Live:

  • Team Scheduling bug fixes and perfornance enahncements 
  • For Marketing Team:
    • We have released the following marketing landing page:
  • For AM team
    • ADP 
      • Export to CSV
      • Auto-populate fields 
      • Send to Payroll form My Docs
      • Altamarea additional fields:
        • Ethnic code
        • Marital Status
        • Phone
        • Email

Please let me know if you need any further information. 

UK Landing, Harksmoor. Scheduling Enhancements

We have pushed the following features/enhancements live today: 

  • Team Scheduling and Communication: 
    • Bug fixes and performance enhancements 
  • UK Landing Page: 
    • Removed the jobs link from the header and the right (hamburger) menu.
  • Hawksmoor requests (mainly for Pete and Lisa):
    • Custom Job post message
      • We have changed the message to be "[Group name/Parent name] is looking for [Position] for their [Child property] location". 
        • In other words it will say for example "Hawksmoor group is looking for a host/hostess for their Hawksmoor Knightsbridge location".
      • Changing this "message" is now a service - we have enabled it for Hawksmoor. To enable the service for other customers:
        • Go to our Admin site
        • Click edit services
        • Add UK job message service
        • The message at the top of our signup funnel (QR) will change as the message above. 
    • Onboarding column
      • We have removed the Onboarding column from our AMS and kept the offer column. 
      • Enabled on Hawksmoor account. 
      • We have added this option to our document sets (select "United Kingdom Minimized" document set and this will remove the onboarding column and keep the offer). 

lease let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

Claim Profile Reminders, Employer Digest, I-9 Review

We have pushed the following changes live today: 

  • For the AM team: 
    • Claim your profile reminder emails (we will be sending a reminder email to employees to claim their profile on Harri in this sequence: immediate, 24h, 48h and 7days)
    • Employer digest email (we will be sending our employers a digest email at 10 am listing employees who claimed their profiles) - this email will be sent to reach email. 
    • I-9 review: When reviewing attached documents from list B and C, we have changed the expiration date filed to be optional. 
  • For the Marketing team: 
    • Job alias name: we have added job alias name to Indeed XML feed. 

lease let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

Scheduling Fixes, Landing pages, UK Currency, Team.Live Position Update

Hi team, 


We have pushed the following changes, enhancements and features live today: 

  • Team Scheduling 
    • Bug fixes and performance enhancements (including the negative value in labor cost)
    • Views (Person (daily and weekly) views, Position (daily and weekly) views, Week view with ability to edit schedule & shifts) 
    • Employee availability on mobile
  • Mainly for marketing
    • Added Harri header (top nav bar) to all Instapage/marketing pages
    • UK landing page
    • Case study landing page (link)
  • Mainly for AMs and Pete
    • Hawksmoor Job template drop-down issue (fixed scrolling on windows using IE browser)
    • Change currency to GBP instead of USD
    • UK landing page (I have mentioned it in the marketing section as well).
    • Added new positions to Team.Live:
      • Under Management Category:
        • In Store Trainers
        • Head Office
        • Bookings Coordinator
        • Operations
        • Trainee Duty Manager 
        • Trainee General Manager  
        • Duty Manager
      • Under FOH Category: 
        • Trainees

lease let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

Scheduling Tweaks

Hi team, 

We have pushed the following changes/enhancements to scheduling product live today: 

  • Enhancements to "Enterprise view" (fits into screen and responsive).
  • Ability to print week view
  • Bug fixes including (spelling, role to position, private messages default select, communication button mobile location and empty schedule message). 

lease let me know if you need any further information. 

Scheduling Enhancements - Enterprise and Bugs

We have pushed the following changes live today:

  • Scheduling Enterprise view
  • Scheduling bug fixes including unassigned shifts and employee shift time on mobile.
  • Job Distributor (USA):
    • New sources - manual:
      • Monster
      • Glassdoor
      • ZipRecruiter
      • Job2Career 
    • Indeed feed (one feed based on Indeed latest requirements). 
  • Stop sending Daily Candidate email (C-101) to CA users.  
  • Application enhancement - QR:
    • Increased the screening answer box character limit to 3K
    • Multiple questions to appear in new line per each on the application side. 

Please let me know if you need any further information. 

Marketing team: An email will be sent to (Niveen, As'ad and Myat) notifying them for customers' posts to do the manual posting - same flow as CL. 

Dev Release - Scheduling

We have pushed a dev build on HarriDev server - this build includes almost everything except the below items/features: 

  • Week view
  • Availability
  • Sort by ("Role then person" view works well, other views work but not 100% functional) 
  • Templates and duplicates

lease note this product has not been QA'd (not a ready to ship product) but it will be great to experience it and share your feedback.

Please see release email for credentials.

Job Distributer - Indeed Sponsored

Hi team, 

We have pushed the following enhancements and fixes live today: 


  • Job Distributor (USA) - Added Indeed sponsored feed
    • Indeed links have been changed and the marketing team should notify Indeed about the new links to replace the old ones otherwise we will have customers paying for nothing.


  • Date format enhancement on web forms (ex. June 18, 2016 instead of 06/18/2016) 


  • Onboarding documents data flow - personal info to auto populate from one form to another.

Please, let me know if you have any questions or need any further information. 

Client-specific Release: TOG

Good morning team, 

We have released all the requests we have from "The One Group" - it's live on the site now. Here's the list: 

The One Group Requests

Digital application:

  • Added "Have you ever been employed by The One Group?"
    • If yes, where - drop-down list with all child properties. 


  • We display/show a warning message on I-9 review page if there is a difference in "Name" fields between onboarding forms and original Application information.
  • Direct Deposit form: 
    • Fields will pre-populate with information from other onboarding documents.
    • Added a checkbox that says "Go Paperless. I agree to accept Online Pay-slips. 
  • Possibility to choose alternative I-9 verification documents (we have released this yesterday).  

My Docs: 

  • Ability to export list of selected employees into a CSV/Excel file with the following info:
    • Name
    • Position
    • Location

P.S. The above enhancements are not specific or restricted to The One Group account - it's available to all clients/customers. 

We have also released the following enhancements to our AMS: 

  • Chang the AMS swim-lane label from "Screen" to "Phone/Screen"
  • one number font within the SpeedyScree i bigge by 20%
  • Formad he phone number to be like 555-555-5555

Please let me know if you need any further information. 

Doc sets and... wait... Media stretching? Is it my birthday?


We have pushed the following improvements and features live today: 


  • Illinois Document Set
  • New Jersey Document Set
  • Nevada Document Set
  • Georgia Document Set
  • Florida Document Set
  • Offer of Commuter Benefits Form (NY Only)
  • Waiver of Group Insurance Plan (All States)


  • Media Stretching Fix (we have added cover cropping tool
    • Career Portal Cover Photo
    • Business Profile Cover Photo
    • Members' Cover Photo
    • Media Library/Gallery  
  • I-9 enhancements:
    • Employers will be able to upload documents in the review process. 
    • Employers will be able to change the document/attachment list in the review process.
    • Employers will be able to write their own notes when there is a missing or wrong info. in the review process and send it back to the employee. 
  • Ability to review and e-sign documents from the employee card within "My Docs"
  • Manifest (Interview Scheduler):
    • Sync to Employers' Calendar (Outlook and iCal)
    • Added Candidate phone number
    • Added the message "The most successful interview processes are those that are more personalized. We STRONGLY recommend calling the applicants below to ensure a higher show rate". 
  • Non-candidates (walk in/side door) Privacy Shield:
    • Employees onboarded via our side door (non-candidates dashboard) will not receive the following: 
      • Daily candidates email (C-101)
      • BWNL
      • CCRM email
      • QRAB email
    • Privacy shield will be deactivated on termination. 
  • SSL Extended validation installed - which means we are more secure 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information. 

Job Distributer!

We have pushed the following items live today:

  • Job distributor

    • UK:

    • USA:

      • CL

      • Indeed (NOT LIVE - There is a technical problem with Indeed and we are meeting with them today. As fixed, we will push it live and update you). 

    • Adding UK accounts to JD:

      • AMs will share account credentials with Tech and Product. 

      • Tech and product will handle it for a limited time and update AMs when the account is ready (verification period to make sure 3rd party feeds are OK and we don't have any issues). 

  • Otto's custom form (Training Schedule)

  • Linking the marketing Hiring the Best Chef (link)

Please, let me know if you need any further information. 

Privacy, permissions, and more...

We have pushed the following features and enhancements live: 

  • Employers with "Privacy Shield" enabled will have a branded experience that includes the following (Hawksmoor requests): 
    • Hide Harri main nav header for new candidates
    • Brand "Congrats/Thank you" modal on application submission.
    • Remove "References" from job application.
    • Branded emails (Plain text, white-background and powered by Harri)
    • Job posts published via the Job distributor will direct to business profile page instead of job post landing page - This will be released with Job Distributor early next week. 
  • Permissions flow (v1)
    • 2 Permissions (view docs and screen candidates)
    • Users with Screen candidates permission will not be able to view My Docs and the AMS will not have the Offer and Onboarding columns.
    • How to access it:
      • Under settings and in "User management" section we have added a checkbox labelled "View docs" - by default un-selected for new users.
        • All existing users/admins have the view docs permission enabled.  
      • Only primary user can change the value of this checkbox
      • When this checkbox is selected, the user can view docs, offer and onboarding columns. 
  • Blackhouse Hospitality Custom form (waive meals periods)
  • Message Center enhancements:
    • Enable Copy & Paste on Message center and chat box
    • Show 4 lines in the chat view within the SpeedyScreen with ability to expand the view from the bottom right corner.
    • Message center loading issue

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information. 

ADP/Auto Email Release

We have pushed the following features live today: 

  • ADP integration
    • We are ready to enable it for The counter and TFG. 
    • Please manage it with Jamie and Feras before enabling it to any customer just to setup special schemas for each account. 
  • Auto-emails on app submission and skip
    • It's a property within our Admin interface (by default disabled). 
    • The skip email will be delivered after 24 hours of the skip action. 

Please let me know if you need any further information.