Manage Your Talent with Harri's TeamLive

The upcoming minimum wage increases will have a HUGE impact on your restaurant business. Stay ahead of the curve with Harri's latest innovation: TeamLive.

TeamLive is Harri's groundbreaking restaurant labor management platform designed to organize your workforce and deliver labor savings to your bottom line.

With TeamLive, you can: 

  • Control Labor Costs: Optimize your budget by tracking labor costs in real time.
  • Schedule Smarter: Maximize productivity by assigning your most efficient talent to your busiest shifts.
  • Keep Team on the Same Page: Easily share business goals, status updates and more across your organization from one dashboard. 
  • Manage Workforce Requests: Put an end to endless emails and back and forth communications.

We invite you to experience TeamLive first hand. Schedule a free demonstration with one of our talent specialists today.

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Attract the Best Talent with One Click

Finding the right talent is challenging. Employers often have to publish their job postings on several job boards to successfully fill a position. It's a time consuming and often frustrating process. 

Harri's mission is to simplify and modernize the hiring process. Which is why we've created Job Distributor, an easy to use platform designed to increase the visibility of your open positions. Now you can post to most major job boards, all from one place. 

Maximize visibility, optimize ROI. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Post a Job on Harri
  • After successfully posting your job, you will be asked if you would like to post to other job boards
  • Select which job board(s) you would like to post on and click "Confirm"
  • Share your jobs on your social media networks (optional)

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The Harri Total Talent Solution: Digital Applications & On Boarding


Harri's Total Talent Solution empowers hospitality companies to discover, interview, hire and onboard new employees on a singular, intuitive and modern platform.

The days of using antiquated ATS's or fumbling through paperwork are over. Harri saves you time, money and most importantly, your sanity!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.59.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.59.21 PM

While creating the #1 hospitality network in NYC, we realized the need for innovative technology to easily replace archaic hiring systems that Talent Professionals are currently forced to use. Harri’s full-suite solution brings the entire hiring and on boarding process into one modern, hospitality-optimized HR platform.

Harris Interview Scheduler

Harris Interview Scheduler

Beginning with our Advanced Interview Scheduler, Harri is building modern services that remove the traditional pain points associated with hospitality hiring.

Once you've found candidates for your open positions on Harri, the next step is the interview. Our Interview Scheduler allows for effortless management of interviews, drastically reducing the hassle of no shows. It instills a system of checks and balances allowing employers to indicate if a candidate has attended or missed an interview. If that weren't enough, the tool also allows interviewers the ability to take notes that seamlessly integrate with the AMS flow.

Product Features:

  • Interview agenda
  • Attendance (check-in or no show)
  • Interview Notes
  • Candidate response rate
Harri Digital Application

Harri Digital Application

The final step in the hiring process is on-boarding new employees.

When it comes to moving applicants through the hiring process, most businesses are accustomed to using traditional methods for this process, such as paper forms and physical filing systems. With the introduction of Harri's Digital Applications and Employee On-Boarding, those days are coming to an end!

Our system removes paper as well as duplication of data by pulling the candidate’s information seamlessly from their initial application through the hiring process. Traditional applicant tracking systems lose over 70% of applicants because of inefficiency. Harri has built an intuitive and streamlined solution designed to enable the hiring manager to build the ultimate team efficiently.

Product Features:

  • Basic information from Harri profile
  • Business specific questions
  • Self Identification and EEO reporting
  • eSign and secure cloud storage for 2 years
  • 100% Compliance with US Labor Laws

You wouldn't still use a type writer or a wall phone anymore, so why use out of date tools? You shouldn't have to, which is why we're here to help you hire the modern way. Learn how Harri can help your business by contacting our sales department.

Harri Introduces the Single Brand Solution

Harri's Single Brand Solution

Harri's Single Brand Solution

When it comes to a single brand which has multiple locations, hiring can be a daunting task. Finding an effective way to manage job openings and applications across multiple locations can be overwhelming, which led us to create the Harri Single Brand Solution.

Setting up a Single-Brand Multi-Location account with Harri will allow you to effectively streamline your hiring experience by granting specific permissions, such as posting a job and/or screening applicants, to location managers or team members involved in the hiring process. Do you hire centrally? No problem, you can manage the entire hiring process from one dashboard.

You can customize settings for each location under your group, add existing or new users to specific locations, and grant permissions to an individual manager's account. You'll receive messages notifying you when managers accept your invitation, post jobs, and screen applications ensuring that you are aware of all hiring activities.

Harri is here to improve your hiring experience, whether at one location or multiple. With the Single-Brand Multi-Location dashboard, managing applicants over multiple locations just got a lot easier.

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Introducing the Harri Agency / Recruitment Solution


[embed][/embed] When you’re working for a recruitment agency, the most important thing to do is present your clients with an impressive lineup of candidates to join their team.

Instead of sending endless emails or playing phone tag, why not present staff the modern way?

Meet the Harri Agency Solution, a unified platform where both your team and clients are able to screen candidates, provide feedback, and manage brands from a single dashboard to help you make smarter hires.

From your Talent Pool you’re able to send your clients to a unique page branded to your company where they’re able to approve or deny a selected group of candidates, as well as take notes to provide feedback.

Harri's latest hiring solution also gives you access to the following features:

  • Ability to post as your agency or as the brand for whom you’re hiring allowing you to customize your approach according to  your clients needs
  • Candidate Search + Connect credits, which allow you to proactively search our talent pool of 125,000 registered NYC hospitality job seekers.
    • Some of the best talent is passive jobseekers and not actively looking/applying to jobs. Harri allows you to get access and connect with these purple squirrels
    • Unlimited job postings and ability to repost jobs
    • Spotlight your job postings across Harri’s marketing efforts, including social media, online job boards, Craigslist cluster ads and more
    • Premium placement in biweekly emails targeted to job seekers by category (FOH, BOH, Management, etc.), which significantly drive applications and help promote open calls and new openings
    • Additional logins for team members
    • Pricing based on login access, hiring volume and number of brands

The best part is that you’re able to bulk upload your existing candidates onto Harri so you can start with your full roster from day one.

To get started using the Harri Agency Solution, contact Amanda, Harri's Member Success Manager at