Harri Featured Member: Luke Pirogow




"I like the environment. It's a fun environment, fun atmosphere. I like interacting with other people, meeting new people everyday."

While studying to earn a degree in Engineering at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Luke bartends on the side. When making drinks and cocktails at the bar, Luke likes to play up his fun and energetic personality.

Luke started bartending at The Kew Club and The Half Pint. For the last two years, he has been working at Almond, a casual, upscale American bistro in the Flatiron District. Through these gigs, Luke has gained advanced knowledge in beers/spirits, wines and mixology. It is impressive to note that Luke is familiar with over 125 craft beers, 26 draught beers and creating 15 speciality cocktails.

Luke believes it is important for people, especially in the food and beverage industry, to market themselves well. Rather than knowing customers at a surface level, he likes to interact and learn more about them.

Learn more about Luke's career path on Harri.

Harri Featured Member: Shavone Thomas




"I try to customize each guest's experience. I make sure to interact with them and share a little bit of my personality."

Shavone, a college student studying Nursing and Physical Therapy, has been working in the customer service industry for the last four years. She describes herself as dependable, meticulous and pleasant, which are qualities that any server should have. The most recent position she held was as hostess at The Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square.

At first, she did not have the intention of working in the restaurant and hospitality sector, but she liked that such positions enabled her to showcase her bright personality. Not only that, she loves to meet, socialize and help people. Shavone is extremely qualified with various roles under her resume. She is familiar with OpenTable, POS systems, is TIPS certified and much more.

Shavone believes that she has succeeded in many of her previous jobs because she is a fast learner and takes great pride in her work. In addition, her smiley and joyous attitude is a great asset to any team. Learn more about her career by viewing her Harri profile here.

Harri Featured Member: Alexandra Groot




"I love working with people all over the world."

Alexandra recently made the move from New York City from Chicago to further her studies in Microbiology at NYU. While studying, she looks for part-time hostess work. She enjoys working in the restaurant industry because of its flexible schedules and being able to work with people from all different backgrounds.

She has two years of experience in the restaurant industry, previously working as hostess at Morton's The Steakhouse and Siena Tavern. From those positions, she has demonstrated comfort in handling fast-paced environments and high volumes of guests. Alexandra is also knowledgable with fine dining and OpenTable.

During her spare time, Alexandra's interests include playing soccer, blogging and social media. She co-runs a cocktail blog with her roommate.

Harri Featured Member: Tererai Rusike




"I think it's important for people to know who you are, and that you're more than just your talent."

Teri, a recent college graduate, not only has a passion in serving people, she is highly interested in food, food writing and film. She has future aspirations as a food writer, editing recipes and becoming the next Martha Stewart.

Her love of food and people have translated into a career in the food service industry. She has several years of juicing and barista experience under her belt, working at establishments like Brazilia Cafe and The Bean. In addition to coffees and teas, Teri has basic knowledge in beers/spirits and wines.

Besides working behind the counter, serving up beverages, Teri likes to be behind-the-scenes, on the production side. She currently is a freelance assistant photographer at The Lindner Studio LLC, and a research writing assistant at a New York City production company. She is continuing her education in film production at Film Connection Film Institute.